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Opportunity: Are you really ready?

by Alicia Marcos Birong

Opportunity: Are you really ready? When the time comes and an opportunity presents itself, are you ready to move forward in your journey or will you let it pass by? What are you doing to make sure you’re ready? Have you begun the work? Have you worked on and developed Clarity of what you want […]


by Alicia Marcos Birong

Healing:  How do I heal and move on? Do you need to remove road blocks in your mind? Are these new or have you faced them before? Have some of your successes in life come at the expense of others? Burnt bridges? Healing is not always easy and is not always possible without changing some […]

Is Your College Student Home For The Holidays????

by Alicia Marcos Birong

It’s time for that college students to return home! OK… so what your expectations of your child’s visit will be and their expectation may be two very different things. For months now, college students have enjoyed being accountable only to themselves and with the end of a semester for some, there could be anxiety being […]

4 Steps To Find Clarity

by Alicia Marcos Birong

Do you struggle to find the clarity necessary to determine what makes you passionate about life?   Many times in my life, I’ve been sidetracked by other issues going on around me and thus, clouding my clarity about what makes me passionate about my life. I’d like to share with you 4 steps for you […]