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Celebrate Universal Women’s Week!

As women, we spend many hours taking care of those around us. What would happen if you decided that this week to honor yourself? Here’s a few ways to celebrate yourself and make yourself the #1 priority.
  1. Connect with other women- meet for lunch, go for a walk together, enjoy a pedicure or just down with a cup of coffee.
  2. Spend time with young women or girls to share with them how you value their time and efforts.
  3. Do the thing that you’ve been putting off – clean out your closet, organize your contacts – find time to address your needs.
  4. Write down your accomplishments. What makes you proud to be you?
Most of all, know that you are unique and that you are contributing to what values the next generation will have. Celebrate your journey. It’s an important time to remain motivated. We face new challenges but if we remember that the way we look at the world is with compassion and power, anything is possible!