Bill is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years of experience providing mental health treatment for adults, adolescents and seniors. He has a Masters of Social Work degree from San Diego State University.

His therapy style is a Cognitive Therapy based approach focusing on a person’s strengths. His expertise is in helping people find, develop and focus on their personal strengths, and help to empower them to use those strengths to succeed in overcoming or managing their issues, problems and concerns.

Each person and life situation is unique and different. Bill assesses each individual and provides acceptance to that person’s current state of being; not how they want to be, but as they are now. Then after establishing the client’s goals, works toward guiding that person to the outcome they desire, always making room for changes as the journey progresses. Bill works by providing support and guidance to gently help you make positive changes and gain control over your life.

 Bill abides by the Ethical Standards set  by the National Association of Social Workers.