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4 Ways to Make Yourself a Priority

by Alicia Marcos Birong

Celebrate Universal Women’s Week! As women, we spend many hours taking care of those around us. What would happen if you decided that this week to honor yourself? Here’s a few ways to celebrate yourself and make yourself the #1 priority. Connect with other women- meet for lunch, go for a walk together, enjoy a […]

4 Ways to Calm the Anxiety Roller Coaster

by Alicia Marcos Birong

In reality, everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their life. It becomes an issue for us when we cannot control it and can have the potential to be life changing. The good news is, we have so many ways to stop anxiety from becoming a panic attack or phobia. An experience of anxiety is […]

Define Your Purpose and Make New Choices

by Alicia Marcos Birong

As a coach working with women for many years, it is evident from recent things happening around the world concerning women, that it is time to become stronger in who we are. How do we stand up for ourselves and be firm in our beliefs and identity? As a woman, we are blessed to be […]


by Alicia Marcos Birong

Identity When you work with a life coach, often times your identity at the end, is not necessarily the same as when you started. Knowing who you are is essential in your life’s roles as an entrepreneur, spouse, partner, friend, etc. I encourage you answer the following questions, whether out loud, in your mind or […]