Coaching can inspire you to discover what in life will give you balance and fulfillment; and help you choose a path to accomplish your goals and dreams. It will look at values, visions, unwanted situations, frustrations and needed shifts in your life. Once it is clear what is important, then the coach will partner with you to establish a plan to achieve your “mission”/vision.

Guided Choices will be in partnership with you to define your particular set of dreams, goals and create a path to support a successful journey. The coaching partnership will support you help you become better equipped to choose what you want, staying focused on your goals/vision and experiencing the rewards of a satisfying life. It can move you out of the doldrums of ineffectiveness and indecision, into knowing what you want and the skills and tools to having what you want.

Coaching is not therapy and is not used to find out what the problems have been that stop you from having what you want. Although coaching is often used in conjunction with therapy. Once therapy has addressed the issues that kept you from moving forward, the path has been cleared to begin the journey to a life full of satisfaction.

Various programs are available, all requiring a commitment of 3 months to 1 year.

Life coaching is done via phone and Skype.


Self Assessment Quiz:
Are you prepared to be honest with yourself and your coach?
Yes No
Are you willing to try new ideas?
Yes No
Are you willing to invest time and money on your personal growth?
Yes No
Are you interested in changing at least two things in your life toward positive growth?
Yes No
Are you willing to share the successes and the failures with your coach?
Yes No
Are you willing to accept your own empowerment?
Yes No

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of the questions, call for a Free Introductory Session.

It’s just that simple!  I am the Guide, commitment and hard work is required on your part; Empowering yourself to make change with the support of a coach.