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As a coach working with women for many years, it is evident from recent things happening around the world concerning women, that it is time to become stronger in who we are. How do we stand up for ourselves and be firm in our beliefs and identity? As a woman, we are blessed to be able to view life and situations with an emotional, intuitive sense. That ability can only make things better in the board room, class room, as an entrepreneur and as a parent. Listen to yourself. Determine your values and speak up! I marched in the Women’s March in Chicago in January. Not for political reasons but as a reminder of how far we have come in the world and where we need to go in the future. When I work with young women, I always remind them that no matter how old they are they are given a voice to contribute to the world. Be the voice of today so we as women will have a stronger, more respected voice in the future. Strength comes from within. You have Choices! Take a moment and review my CHOICES method below to determine if you are living your purpose and then make a choice to live a life of empowerment and one that reflects your inner source. Clarity- makes you stronger and clear to receive new messages Healing-brings strength to move forward Opportunities- they are their just open your heart to them Identity- you are unique and knowing who you are is important Change- some is good and some is growth but we will always have change – it has a purpose Expression- you might not want to march or speak to of a group but your message is essential Spiritual Enlightenment- the opportunity to seek a deeper guidance within self and to listen will empower you to be the person capable of many things “Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” – John C. Maxwell