Children live in an altered state through their imagination and sometimes through their mere presence. They live a life open to being able to dream and imagine the seemingly most unreachable goals. Children can be hypnotized as early as three, but I find that by five, we get better results. Not, until they begin to reach 10 or 11, do they begin to allow themselves to move into a controlled state. Children are considered to be the best candidates for hypnosis, because their worlds are vivid with imagination and mental pictures. Children respond to hypnotic suggestions better then adult because of this imaginative world. One of the exciting things about hypnosis with children is that eventually they can do it themselves and have the tool for the rest of their lives. Hypnosis can be used with children through tapes/cds or in an office setting. Hypnosis is effective with dealing with many issues such as anger, self-esteem, fears, chronic dyspepsia, anxiety, learning problems, ADD/ADHD, sports, bed wetting, habit controls, pain, asthma, and weight. Recent studies have shown that child hypnosis is being used more and being recognized as a valuable tool to use with children. When I began working in this area there were only a few therapist using hypnosis. I have had the opportunity to train many to use this alternative successfully. Many children face adult challenges in their lives. Through hypnosis, they are able to return to that imaginative world and face the issues that control them. Child Hypnosis consists of using child language in child terms such as stories that allow a child to feel comfortable with the trance . Hypnosis is a very good alternative to drugs for children diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD/ Dyslexia. Many children have been sent to me from school systems when the parents did not want use prescribed drugs on their children. Hypnotherapy has offered a safe successful alternative for these children. It also is a solution that happens very fast and helps to encourage a child through focusing. Sometimes self esteem issues are the initial cause and therefore children might receive an incorrect diagnosis.  Although, hypnotherapy can be used in combination with the prescription drugs if the parents feel it helps the situation. Through the work with child hypnosis, we give children an alternative for their lives. Teenagers have found hypnosis to be a great alternative to their busy sometimes stressful lives. Using a hypnosis tape or learning to do self hypnosis on themselves can help them be clearer and calmer while managing there lives. Self Hypnosis works and it is an effective tool that only takes a short amount of time to learn for a child or teenager and it is the tool that keeps on giving back as they grow into adulthood.