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OK, so it’s 2017 and it’s times to make CHOICES about which goals you want to work on. Every year I draw a tree, my tree, and I see the branches as aspects of my life that need to be nourished, which new branches I need to grow and which branches need further attention to sprout leaves now. Let’s use this year to plant your tree and nourish the limbs by focusing on the acronym C.H.O.I.C.E.S. Clarity:  Be clear about where you’re going and what you want. Healing:  Say goodbye to the pain caused by yourself or others. Opportunity:  Embrace opportunities- you have 365 in a year and a life time to move forward but an opportunity may present itself but once- so be ready! Identity: Finalize your identity – What will you look like when you have done the work inside and out? Change: Be ready to grow and make the necessary changes so that you can enjoy the rewards of life. Expression: Value yourself- 100% of you. Accept your authentic self. Spiritual Path: Follow your inner path and all it to empower you. So take some time and look at your 2017 tree. Come visit me at Akasha Yoga on Saturday, January 14th at 2 p.m. to learn how to empower your inner source & help your tree grow with new branches and nourish others.

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