Are You Ready to Become a Life Coach?

There are many transitions in life that create questions about a person’s journey. Life Coaching is a great career for a person who is passionate about helping others, and it can be added to your present skills or profession.

  • As a life coach you will help guide people; children or adults through the many transitions they go through in life.
  • You will teach your clients tools that guide them to a better, less stressful and more successful life–both personal and professional.
  • You will enhance your client’s quality of life and guide them to new choices.  This can be a very fulfilling career.
  • Our Life Coaching School prides itself on small classes and personal one-on-one internships in our facility outside of Chicago.


  • Professional Coaches Training and Certification
  • Trainer Completion of Program Students will be certified in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and NLP.


  •  If interested, please call to set up an interview to see if this is the journey for you.
  • Students will complete 60 total hours of training in Hypnotherapy, Life coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • 30-hour internship*


Structure and Power of Professional Life Coaching

Advanced I: Expanded Modalities in Professional Coaching/NLP

Advanced II: Deeper Transformation Work in Professional Life Coaching/Hypnotherapy/NLP

Internship: 30 hours of supervised work using information learned

Completion of Intro / Advanced I & II

Completion of Internship within 6 months

*Working with clients under the supervision of Alicia Marcos Birong, a highly trained Certified Life Coach/Clinical Hypnotherapist/NLP and therapist. Alicia teaches both from experience and education in these fields.


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