The ChatterGirls program is designed to create and establish a solid foundation for self-empowerment for girls ages 8-14, and to carry them through their teenage years and beyond into adulthood. This program goes beyond the limits and boundaries of the normal public education system to assist young girls in developing life skills for becoming confident, strong young women. ChatterGirls is about:
  • Celebrating
  • Happy
  • Aspiring
  • Truthful
  • Thoughtful
  • Empower
  • Responsible Girls

We want to spread the CHATTER to more girls.

“A lot of girls judge themselves on how they look. They think they are not good enough if they don’t look pretty . Chattergirls helps them see that looks don’t really mater and to look inside to see who they are.”

Annabelle (at 11 years old)

“Our family has had the pleasure in working with Alicia since 2015 when my step daughter participated in Alicia’s Chatter Girls program. This program helped her face the challenges of middle school anxiety and helped shape her into the confident and strong 15 year old young lady she is today. I have no doubt that Chatter Girls made a huge positive impact on her self-esteem and personal growth. Our family has continued to work with Alicia for 1:1 coaching that has helped us with the daily challenges of life, raising teens, dealing with social media, step-parent relationships, etc. etc. Alicia is very insightful and really cares for her clients.  We are very thankful for Alicia and we highly recommend her and her programs.”

Tony B.

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