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Healing:  How do I heal and move on? healingblogpostDo you need to remove road blocks in your mind? Are these new or have you faced them before? Have some of your successes in life come at the expense of others? Burnt bridges? Healing is not always easy and is not always possible without changing some previous behaviors and thoughts in your mind Begin the healing process by asking yourself:
  1. Who or what do you continue to do that keeps you from having the choices you would like in your life?
  2. Can you change or make resolutions necessary to foster the healing needed to continue on your journey?
  3. Healing within our minds sometimes looks like forgiveness. Have you forgiven others and/or yourself?
Without Healing, the journey is stalled and takes many detours. C.H.O.I.C.E.S comes to a stand-still. I wish you Healing to continue your journey…  

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