Strengthening & Empowering

Everyday, when you enter the classroom, you have no way of knowing what the day will hold.

In every classroom there is at least one student who cannot sit still in their seats, is caught daydreaming or the anxiety of a test causes regular visits to the nurses office. Many of these issues can be resolved by equipping your students with specific skills. By teaching them ways to connect with their peers and others outside of the classroom, their level of social anxiety will decrease and many issues that cannot be addressed as a mental health issue are resolved. Without addressing these social anxieties and helping your students form better relationships, their behavior will continue to be destructive and leave room for class absence and daily behavioral struggles.

While no two children are exactly alike, if we trace the symptoms’  breadcrumbs back, we find the underlying issues fall generally under three main categories; Social, Emotional, and Educational.

Classic symptoms may show up as:

  • Your student won’t go outside for recess due to social anxiety.
  • Your student says negative things about himself/herself during class.
  • Your student is lying or stealing.
  • Your student’s grades are slipping and it does not seem to be an academic issue.
  • Your student has no self-esteem or self-confidence and it’s getting worse.
  • Your student never says “I can”, and only says “I can’t.”
  • Your student is either bullied or is the bully.
  • Your student is afraid of all adult males or all adult females.
  • Your student suddenly craves your attention when someone else is present.

Regardless of what your student is going through, there is hope. You are not alone.

As a leading Children’s Life Coach, Alicia Birong has been working with children for over 40 years. Her dedication to the uniqueness of each child has translated into changing hundreds of lives. She brings a special combination of consulting, coaching, counseling, and care into every child, parent, teacher, or coach she works with. She’s here to help guide you into empowering your children to become more confident and proud versions of themselves.

“I was looking for a new career and new relationship. I found myself and both.”

Penny P.

The Steps To Empowering Your Students

1) Understand Your Student’s Needs:

2) Decide How Much Hands-On Help You Want/Your Student Needs

  • Free:
    • Blogs
    • Using Social Media to Connect with Other Teacher Groups
    • Creating Activities That Enhance A Student’s Confidence
    • Knowing Your Students’ Friends
    • Picking Students to Show-and-Tell
  • Short Term:
    • “Changing the Chatter: Looking Beyond The Mirror” book
    • Audio Recordings
    • ChatterGirls
    • Boys Program (coming soon)
    • Speaking Engagements with Alicia
    • Free 30 Minute Parent Consultation (office or phone)
    • 6, 12, or 18 Week Life Coaching Programs (Ages 3-14)
  • Long Term:
    • Hypnotherapy/Mindfulness Techniques
    • 6 Month Life Coaching Programs (Young Adult)
    • 12 Month Life Coaching Programs (Young Adult)
    • Group Coaching
    • Parents to Take Coaching Program*

*Become a Coach and You’ll Learn:

  • How to Properly Listen For Tell Signs
  • Establishing Deeper Trust
  • New Tools/New Ways to Empower Kids to Confront Issues
  • International Coaching Group (language)
  • Adventures in Wisdom (language)

3) Contact Alicia and Her Team

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